Here Ginger…come here girl!!

Something I’ve read about off and on over the past few months, it seems like the inventor o a wheelchair that goes up and down stairs as well as a plastic kidney dialisis machine, Dean Karmen, has invented something just as ground breaking.

What is it you ask? It’s a scooter…but it’s much much more than just a scooter. To bad that this scooter is so far out of my price range and about 99.9% of everyone elses price range that it won’t ever catch on.

Here’s a picture as well as the CNN story concerning the scooter.

You may be asking yourself, why is this so ground breaking? Well, let me tell you, it all has to do with balance.

Think about it…how many animals can you name that stand, walk, run, sit, climb, jump etc with just two feet? You can name many that do some of these things, but as far as I know, humans are about the only ones who do it all.

Sony currently has a robot that they’ve finally been able to make that stands on two legs and walks around. They’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on it.

If you’ve looked at the pictures you’ll see that the focal point for balance runs across the bottom of your feet in such a manner as to not promote balance, as comapred to a regular scooter that uses Newton’s laws to help keep you uprighted by continuing in a forward velocity. You’d think that standing on this thing would cause you to fall down. But an ingenious mind out there found a way to make people stand up and move around on it.

Unfortunately, at nearly 3000 dollars a pop, I don’t see this being under anyones Christmas tree anytime soon. The article in CNN mentions some names…CEO of Amazon, CEO of Apple, etc. Unlike me, they make 100 time more than me, so while I have no problem paying 30 bucks for something, likewise, they don’t have a problem spending 3000 on something better.

Anyway, knowing what I know about how stuff works, I just found it quite amazing.

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  1. mbreuker says:

    Bet you thought no one bothered to read your web page, didn’t you? Well, I am bored in Chicago right now and this is cheaper than an escort service 😉

    I just wanted to say the link above to the CNN article is broken, or at least it doesn’t work for me. It gives me a 404 error as it tries to redirect me to somewhere on your site.

    I do know about the scooter though. It is all over the news and on the web right now. I even saw it as a repeating video news clip at a 7-11 here in Chicago (why they put these things in the 7-11s I don’t know, on an expensive plasma screen no less).

    Personally, I don’t get what’s so special about it. No doubt it required some careful engineering and looks liek fun to right, but they are acting like this is the most breakthrough invention since the wheel itself. What am I missing here? I understand physics and I understand it wasn’t an easy thing to engineer, but “breakthough?” I just don’t know. . .

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