Transparent Conrcrete and how we think.

So, Superman is flying over Metropolis one day, and he sees Wonder Woman nekkid on top of the Justice League … well the punchline goes … And then the Invisible Man says “Boy my ass sure does hurt though!”

It’s really amazing how the mind works. I look at an article on Slashdot and it says something about translucent concrete. Not something one would normally think about.

It’s because of the way we think that makes this interesting. As I started to read this article I immediately understood how you could do this. I knew the three basic components of concrete, there’s the rough stuff, bigger than sand and it’s called course aggregate, the fine stuff, which I always called the sand stuff, and it’s called fine aggregate, and then there is the glue, called cement (I knew that much!) that binds the two together. And I knew right away how you could go about creating a see-through concrete.

However, it took this article for me to realize something like this. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the knowledge on how to do it, I had just never thought in that particular way before to come up with an idea like this. It makes me wonder exactly how many other things are out there that could just be really neat that we’re just missing because we don’t think that way.

As I read through the article my suspicions on how exactly you’d create at least a translucent concrete, if not quite transparent, were correct. Basically, you’d use glass beads of varying size for your coarse, glass dust basically for your fine, and then some type of clear glue to bind them all.

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