I’ve mentioned it before, I hate computers.

This weeks Poll is brought to you by my hate of computers. For those that couldn’t tell, the image to the right, of me ( upper left corner ), is much sharper, minus all the nice little blue, green, and red dots. That’s because I went out and bought a new camera. You see, the older camera I had ( ezonics II ), I sorta would flash a red laser in to the eyelet and then take pictures with it to get these really nifty effects. Only problem is, the photo cells in there are rather sensitive.

So! I went out, bought a new IBM Net PC camera. I purchased this one over the regular one, due to this one being able to take a picture at 640×480. And the price difference between this one and the one lower was only a couple of dollars, compared to nearly twice the price to go to the next higher one.

That’s not why I hate computers though. For some reason, the software I installed is causing my machine to reboot while I’m not looking. That’s why the image that is on there is one from last night. It’s almost like the machine is rebooting when it’s idle. I don’t know. I was hoping it was just a rare occurence, but apparently it’s not. Anyway, that’s just one reason why I hate computers.

Let’s see, another reason. I mentioned, previously, about upgrading my Linux boxes, only to have software over written that I had compiled and installed. That’s another, the other one is a more unexplainable reason. When I write these stories, I get a little text box. This text box is supposed to be 50 columns wide by 12 rows tall, as well as having the property of wrap=”virtual”, which means, that when it gets to the far right ( as English is read from left to right ), it’s supposed to automagically return to the next line. That way you see the entire story in this box, and it makes it quite easy to read. Well, for some reason, after this update that I’ve done, I no longer have a virtual wrap, instead I have a text box that is approximately, 80 columns wide instead of the 50. I’ve plans of editing the php file and expanding this, but for some reason, I’ve not gotten to it. Plus, I just have this feeling that if I were to do this, instead of 80 col, it’ll magically expand out further, so I’ll be stuck in the same boat that I am now. *sigh*

There are a host of other complaints that I could think of, I’m sure, but those are the current ones that are ticking me off. Give me enough time, I’ll come up with some more.

5 Responses to “I’ve mentioned it before, I hate computers.”

  1. zinger says:

    ***** AMD!

    So, this means that when I look at your site and see you sitting behind your computer in the middle of the day during the typical work week, it’s just a glitch?

  2. zinger says:

    WTF? I can’t cuss on your site now?

  3. Jason says:

    I guess you’re just not as special as you thought you were.

    Besides, don’t think it has anything to do with AMD more so with Winblows!

  4. mbreuker says:

    Is it the device driver or the software you are using to publish? If it is the publishing software, try this one:


    It works well for me.

  5. Jason says:

    *shrug* I can give it a try, so far though, two pieces of software have caused the problem, which leads me to believe it’s really the driver for the video cam and not the softare used to grab the image. I’m currently working on upgrading my kernel for the newest video4linux drivers and what not as well as updated USB stuff for my computer at work, I’ll try to get it to work off of linux, yet again. We’ll see.

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