God Damnit! Computers Suck!

So, I have this brand new computer. Easily installed, for the most part, then Operation Franchise happened, and the install continued after a successful completion of said operation. The CPU fan was a marvel to put in, truely one of the easiest things I’ve ever done with installing hardware. I connect some new rounded IDE cables to all of my drives, two harddrives, one DVD ROM drive, one CD-RW drive. I boot up, of course it says there is a problem with windows, I went from an AMD to a P4…this I expected. I whipped out the XP CD, put it in, repaired what was needed, and had my box in working order.

I also purchased Battlefield 1942, a nifty-neato team based World War II FPS. While playing BF, I’d get about twenty minutes in to the game, then it would suddenly freeze…not only would it freeze, but it would freeze hard, requiring a hard reboot. Yes, this is XP I’m using, not Winblows 98…much like in Linux when my MP3 player would hard freeze my comp, neither should this. However, in the world of technology, hardware is king, and a kernel is but a pauper aspiring to be more. I should have known that the problem wasn’t software, but my immediate thought, since it was windows, was to totally reload XP, fresh. It was the only way to make sure that there were no artifacts from the previous install with a different processor from popping up and biting me.

Only problem is, when I tried installing XP, it would read through half of the install process then say that there was some corrupt file! So, I figured I had grabbed my bad copy of XP, after this happened a couple of times, I tried to install Window 2k, only to run in to the same problem. I ended up rebooting my box a couple of times to see what drive was set up as Master and which was set up as Slave. I then opened my box and looked at my connections. As far as I could tell, everything was setup the way it’s supposed to be. The other reason why I decided to try to reinstall was that WarCraft 3 was locking up on me within several seconds of it booting up, and since WarCraft 3 uses the CD to make sure that it’s a legal copy, unless you’ve got the hacked version, THIEVES!!!, I eventually came to the conclusion that it had to be something with the CD players.

I pulled out the CD-RW, which is the slave, it was set to cable select, which means it’s supposed to be whatever it is in relation to it’s position on the IDE cable…since IDE cables only have two positions, slave or master, it’s not a hard choice to make. Then to make sure, I pulled out the DVD drive, and it was set to master, and it was located in the master position. Before I put the CD drive back in, I switched it to slave, and put the DVD drive back in. Booted up the computer with XP CD in the CD drive and promptly reinstalled XP.

Everything booted up fine, I tried to import my registry file, just for shits and grins, lo-and-behold, it didn’t import, not too too shocked about that, it is MicroSloth after all, when have you known any of their stuff to actually work?

I was having problems with my NIC to begin with, so I rebooted and turned off the mother board based one, installed the drivers for the new NetGear that I had to buy, as the Linksys one I had died on me, yes a piece of 20 dollar hardware that usually survives through nuclear holocausts, one of the few pieces of technology that lasts more than a year, suprisingly enough, died. So, I got the NIC working.

Everything was working, when I decided to update to the Windows XP Service Pack 1. God damnit that was a mistake. I had no problems the first time I did it with my AMD processor, but this time it really screwed things up. It got rid of all the options I had turned on for folders, for my control panel, added “updated”, read crippled and more child like, giving the user less control than before, system software that made it harder for me to diagnose my new hardware problem. I had no Local Area Connection, it wasn’t seeing my NIC, I eventually found my System Hardware and looked for the Ethernet Card Symbol, there it was, and it was showing my card, so why the hell didn’t I have an icon when I got properities on My Network Place? Beats me…I only went through the gay ass setup wizard about 20 times, and still no icon for me to go get properties on and change by hand.

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Actually, I do, I’m going to reinstall XP again, after all, can’t hurt to do it again, then I’m going to go straight to XP SP1 and then I’ll install drivers that need installing, if it’s still giving me fits, then I guess I won’t install SP1, after reinstalling XP, yet again, because I’m sure MicroSloth won’t let you uninstall the Service Pack correctly, even if you did select the option for it be possible.

I don’t know why MicroSloth is trying so friggin’ hard to obfuscate the entire process of controlling ones computers, you’d think that when they charge you 150 dollars for a service call, or whatever bullshit amount it is, they’d actually want people to call. Other than that, I wish there were a button I could press that says “Me not stupid, me know how to make computer go whir whir.” instead of the OS just thinking everyone is a fucking retard. Then again, maybe that’s what Microsoft thinks everyone is, nothing more than a candidate for the short bus to school. I’d install Linux on it in a heartbeat if I could get the games to play that I wanted to play as well as getting a decent finance software, because gnucash just doesn’t cut it.

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