We don’t spam! *snort* yeah right, bastard.

In the process of getting my mailer setup to stop spam, I went through the current file/directory to look at all my spam to make sure that it was indeed spam, and not a misplaced mail message. The file in question was the Trash Can under Mozilla’s mail program.

Once I had completed my survey and had my spam checker thingie working, I happened upon this email, and while I looked at the headers of the message and it came from comcast, yet had a return of aol.com, as will be shown, it was from a site that says “We don’t spam.”

My question is, if you don’t spam, why was this person(s) sending out spam email for you? Are you that shitty of a dating service that you have to “fake” spam people in order to get to your site.

I double checked to make sure that the link wasn’t a hidden URL, and it’s not. However, despite them saying that they’d “Never Sell Your Private Info”, I somehow don’t feel so safe about that statement.

Damn, Mozilla Mail is smart!

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