What a bunch of faggots.

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s television watchdog banned a supermarket chain on Monday from using the word
“faggot” in a commercial, referring to a traditional British dish.

Somerfield’s ad featured a husband complaining about his wife’s repetitive cooking.

When she told him it was Friday so he was getting his usual faggots, a traditional dish of meatballs in g
ravy, he said: “I’ve nothing against faggots, I just don’t fancy them.”

“Three listeners were offended, as they believed the husband’s response alluded to homosexuals, faggots b
eing a derogatory term for them,” said media watchdog Ofcom.

But Somerfield denied Ofcom’s charge. “Faggots were chosen to demonstrate the idea because they are commo
nly perceived as an outdated and slightly comical product, not because of any allusions to homosexuality,
” it said.

But Ofcom ruled that the term was “highly derogatory” and banned the advert from being broadcast again.

So, of the some 50 million possible viewers in England, just three, yes count them THREE people were offe
nded and because of this, those fucking limey pussy faggots pull the add!!! What a load of shit, the whol
e PC thing is spreading like a god damned venereal disease.

That’s .00000600% of the population. This is a god damned joke!

That’s not nearly as bad as having the two hour long classes on sexual harrasment and affirmative action
which only encompasses about .00001% of the US population.

Let ’em all burn! Bastards.
I guess it requires something as stupid as this to get me going.

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