So, I bought a new video card the other day. Partially because it felt like it was about time, mostly due to trying to play Doom3, mostly because I wanted to buy something for my birthday. Plus, there were times when I’d turn on my computer, or shift resolution, and there were weird artifacts left on the screen, not quite like when a vid card goes bad, but strange none-the-less.

So, I got the brand-spankin new ATI 800XT Platinum. I go to pull my old vid card out, and it starts to come out, but doesn’t come out all the way … the problem? There’s a little tab that you shift back and forth to help lock the card in, I guess the screw you use to fasten it to the chasis of the box isn’t good enough. Anyway, I yanked, and while I didn’t hear anything crack, I figure that’s what f’d it up.

When I plopped the new card in and turned on my box, no monitor recognition light thingy turned green, it stayed orange, meaning there was no signal going to the monitor. Shit. So, I tried putting the old card back in, just in case the new card required too much juice. Much like George W. Bush, it was a No Go. Still no monitor signal recognition.

So, now I’m thinking I screwed up the entire MB, and the guy at Best Buy, when I returned the new card, suggested that I bring it in for the techs to look at…I started to laugh and wanted to explain to him the experience I have concerning hardware from the mundane to the multi-million but I decided not to, so I stopped chuckling and said that’s ok.

So, now I’m doing research on a putting together a new computer. There have been a lot of things that have happened in the last year to two years since I bought a new computer. Nifty things like Hyper Threaded CPUs, SATA drives, DDR2 533 MHz memory, PCI-E vid card bus, plus loads of new things.

Bleh…I spend hours and hours on a computer, sometimes I really enjoy doing it, right now, this is more of a hassle than anything.

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