Stupid word in my head.

I’ve had this word stuck in my head for the past few months, I don’t know why, it doesn’t mean what I want it to mean. Itinerant, I know it means to move from place to place. It’s weird, but I think of the word multiple times per day, and it just doesn’t mean what I want it to mean to describe something.


This is a call for help, please help me.

I might want the word to mean indolent, but I just don’t know. This really sucks. Anyway, indolent is what I’m talking about. Slothful, lazy, worthless, a waste of space, inactive. I like otiose – serving no useful purpose, but it still doesn’t have the ring of the word in my head.


Anyway, it’s like that song you have on your mind that you just can’t get rid of, playing – over and over in your head. The only problem is, that usually stops after a few hours, maybe even a day…this fucking word that doesn’t mean what I want it to mean is stuck in my head and it’s been there for months; day after day.

Oh well.

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