Martha Stewart

Ok, one of those really weird, what the F was I drinking last night type deals. I woke with a start in the middle of the night last night because I had dreamt I was there with Martha Stewart as she was getting on a plane after leaving the prison that she’s been in for the past few months. When my real eyes popped open, all I could think was just how F’d up that dream was and immediately started thinking about something else.

I must have heard that she was getting out, or read it on CNN or yahoo news, and thought nothing about it, or something, because at that particular point in time I had no idea when she was getting out, nor any idea of why I’d even think of Martha Stewart to begin with. While at the gym this morning, between staring at this lithe little blond girl that I swear I know from somewhere, but can’t tell for sure because she literally wears her ball cap in such a way that it covers her face, and the 4 TVs, three of which had information on Martha Stewart getting out of jail around 12:30 this morning and flying back to NY or wherever she lives on at least three of the TVs.

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