Just can’t wait …

to get back on the road again. etc.

So, I’m in Albuquerque, NM. I don’t normally talk about my travels, because despite what it may seem like doing travel for a company isn’t at all glamorous, yeah it can be nice and has some perks, but seriously, given the choice between my bed at home, and a bed in some random hilton/marriott hotel, I’ll take my bed 99 times out of 100 …

So, I’m sitting in Maloney’s Irish/Sports Pub with Morrow ( think Twins, and I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you’ll have a size comparison between the two of us ) on this street, Central. As we’re sitting here, in Albuquerque NM, we noticed this inordinate amount of traffic on the street. Finally, our curiosity piqued, after having seen the same fire engine traverse up and down the street no less than three times with nary a light flashing, I bother to ask the bar wench what the proverbial deal is.

She responds with every Sunday night people hop in their cars, with about 98% of the cars being total ass – as in I would be ashamed to front my car as being noteworthy, and travel up and down Central Ave showing off their cars. As mentioned above, it’s not just regular people showing off their cars, I saw a few motorcycle riders, and even a couple of fire engines going up and down the street. It was mind boggling. Neither Chris or I could figure out why this apparent phenomenon was occurring, but occurring it was.

Supposedly, New Mexico ( granted the link is about Espanola ) is known as the Lowrider capital of the world, but I guess it is, even though we didn’t really see any, but 20 inch rims on 500 dollar cars we did see.

Anyway, travel, not that exciting, but this is one of those things that really stood out in my mind as just being odd.

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  1. Zinger says:

    We used to call it crusin’ the strip. Not exactly highbrow entertainment.

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