P list celebrity sighting.

So, before the break, which is where the pictures will be, I just have to comment on the iPhone camera. Many people bitched and whined about it because it’s on 2 mega pixels. Just because it has only 2MP compared to some store cameras that are 5MP, or even some cell phones that might have 5MP, doesn’t mean that the higher the number the better the picture. What it comes down to with those larger numbers is how big of an aperture do you have…anyway, not to get in to the details of digital photography.

Having used the iPhone camera for a bit, I can say with serious consideration that they need a different camera in there. I don’t care if it’s 2MP or not, but whatever underlying processing they have in the camera is pretty much shit. You’ll see in the following photos what I’m talking about.

The setup, I went to this after Beer & Gear party at NANOG, at a place called “The Standard”. It was better than most after parties because talent was hired and brought in, which is something that doesn’t normally happen, they were all actresses, not to be confused with the P list celebrity I saw ( P is for porn boys and girls ). LA is full of out of work … er not currently employed … actors and actresses, so someone had the forethought to hire some actresses and ship them down to downtown LA ( bogus to begin with ) and push them in front of a bunch of nerds. So, overall better than normal. After being up on the roof for an hour or so drinking weird pineapple pina colada shots we decided to go get some dinner. There was a restaurant down below that the group I was with decided to go to…

We get our drinks, and this couple sits down on the other side of us, they’re maybe 15 feet away, probably closer to 10, and these are the pictures that I was able to shoot:

GeoTagged, [N34.05007, E118.256983]

As well as this picture:

Well, as you can see, at 10 feet the iPhone doesn’t do too well, and for those that can’t tell who that is, here’s a slightly better picture of her taken at the AVN awards sometime in the last couple of years.

Now, the guys I was with didn’t have a clue who Nina Hartly was, and in fact when I told them, they didn’t believe me, until I found the picture above at the AVN awards, then they couldn’t believe I knew who she was. I couldn’t believe that they _didn’t know_ who she was. What the hell did these grown men not do when they were growing up that as far as I know every other grown man has done.

Anyway, that’s my P list celebrity sighting in downtown LA.

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  1. Zinger says:

    Nice! That’s a man who knows his P :-).

    “On October 3rd 2008, Hustler announced that Hartley would play the part of Hillary Rodham Clinton in their upcoming film “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin”, a pornographic parody of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin with Lisa Ann in the role of Palin.”

    What more could she want?

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