One last sighting.

I was in Terminal 7 in LAX at the Red Carpet Club, and it was a 10 or 15 minutes before my flight was due to board. I didn’t get the upgrade I was hoping for 🙁 My flight actually left out of Terminal 6, so I started walking there.

Sorry no pics of this one. As I’m walking in the interconnect between 7 and 6 I see this elderly gentleman standing, possibly looking at departure gates, but on his cell phone. My first thought was oh my god, Samuel Clemens! Then I realized it wasn’t him, but someone who looks a lot like him, only thing was I couldn’t remember his name. I didn’t stand and gawk, or even go up to him to talk, I guess I’m just not that kind of celebrity spotter, what with my Nina Hartly sighting and all.

I didn’t have much time to look him up on my iPhone, because I’d need to do some google searches to find out who it was. It wasn’t until I got home last night and sat down with my laptop for a few minutes that I was finally able to enter in a search term that brought up what I was looking for. In this case it was something along the lines of “Hollywood Mark Twain” or something like that, which led me to Hal Holbrook.

While the last time I was in the LA area, I don’t know if I was looking for anyone – this would have been in the last 90s, maybe 2000 last time was there, I definitely found some this time.

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