I can …

With impending storm front coming through, from the south, then another one possibly hitting from the west I could be snowed in for a few days.

With that I decided to make some chili…not just any chili mind you, but super spicy four pepper chili. If it turns out as well as the first batch did it’ll be really good. However, after chopping/mincing everything up I scratched my nose, and it reminded me of when I was a kid and you’d put that stuff under your nose ( Vick’s Vapor Rub ), except hotter and drifting up in to my nasal cavity. Even though I’d washed my hands the chili powder was still powerful…or the cumin, or who knows.

With that, I bring you your picture of zen.

I can haz Zzzzzz…..

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  1. Zinger says:

    Nice! We’re going into bunker setup over here, with cheesedip and sausage on the culdesac menu.

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