I’m a married guy.

I should have posted this a while ago, so I’ll just fudge with the dates for posting.

Anyway, proposed back in March to my lovely girlfriend, Amy, while we were at Disney. She was totally surprised by it, because up to that point I had talked about getting her a candy ring instead, which I gave her during dinner, so she was completely shocked by me having a real ring to give her later on that night while we were walking around.

We wanted to get married by “The King” in Vegas at some point, basically have an adults weekend, but managing to find a place for a seven year old can be difficult on occasion. And with other things popping up, we decided to just go ahead and get it over with, and we can take an adults vacation later. So instead we set the date as April 14th, invited some family, and a couple of my friends in the local area, and had a celebrant come out and we done got hitched.

So there you go, I’m all kinds of married now, and since it’s on Facebook, that makes it official.

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