Day 1: Part II

I mentioned I had a feeding tube put in, it’s called a PEG. Anyway, I haven’t had to use it yet, there’s a possibility that I don’t have to use it, it’s one of those wait and sees. Anyway, it has direct access to my stomach contents, which sometimes, depending on how much I’ve consumed, will come out of it.

So, after nearly a week of it being in, I went back to the doctor who put it in, because it needs to be checked for infection, etc. Anyway, clean bill of health, but I needed syringes for it in order to clean it as well as feed myself with it, if necessary.

I got the syringes, and I filled up about 30CC of water out of my fridge and decided to “clean away”. Anyway, instant feeling of cold hitting my gut as the water made it’s way directly in to my stomach.

Anyway, just weird.


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  1. Zinger says:

    Top ten things to inject directly into Jason’s PEG:
    10) Chicken soup
    9) Liquified prime rib
    8) Way too expensive bottle of new year’s champagne
    7) Blue cheese and celery
    6) Liquified foot tall chocolate cake
    5) Bacon appetizers
    4) Mojitos
    3) Tequila
    2) Tequila
    1) LSD

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