Day 26

I went back and re-read through some of my earlier day posts, like Day 1, Day 2, etc. Day 1 was interesting, I mentioned how I was told that by the time the 25th treatment or so I’ll be ready for this to be over with.

There is definitely truth to that statement. It’s partially because I’m tired of being tired and worn down. I never liked the idea of eating through a tube. I hate this fucking phlegm/saliva. I hate that I think my breath probably smells like some strange pit from hell, if my saliva/spit is any sense of what it smells like, it’s pretty bad. But mostly, I think the reason why I’m ready for it to be over with is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only two more radiations this week, and my last chemo. From there I just have to go through one more week of radiation, then just two days worth the following week. Then that’s it, I can let my body get back to getting better and hopefully improving on the things I’m having issues with.

Anyway, day 26 finished. Nine more to go.


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  1. Zinger says:

    Yea man. Almost done.

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