Post week 1

It’s been a little more than a week since my last radiation treatment. I thought about doing this on Tuesday, but didn’t. I’m a slacker, have the t-shirt to prove it!

So, how has the week gone? I’ve been able to sleep, which is a big plus. My radiation burns appear to have mostly been healed over/up by now, it just looks like I have these weird patches of skin on both sides of my neck.

My saliva is still kind of thick, I haven’t really used my spit bottle, much, in the last day or so, so I’m hopeful that it’s getting a little bit more back to normal.

Talking can still be a bit of a hassle, I’m finding myself having to modulate a little bit to try to get through any phlegm/saliva that might be causing issues. But I’ve been on phone calls, carried on conversations so there is that.

I’ve taken my doctors advice, yay for listening to your doctors!, and am eating at least once a day, just so I can get use to it again after not really eating anything by mouth for the past few weeks. His prognosis is that if I do this, force myself to consume something, within a month I’ll be eating 80 to 90 percent of my calories again. The hard thing is, there still isn’t any taste there, and that just makes eating not all that enjoyable.

Energy level appears to be ok, although my last blood pressure check was pretty low. I’ve not done anything to strain myself, much, so I can’t be for sure if I’m good to go, or just so so.

I have a check-up with my radiation oncologist on Monday, we’ll see how that goes.


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