Post week 4

Didn’t do a post week 3 because I was on vacation, and while I had my computer or other means to update, I really didn’t feel like it.

So, I’m four weeks out now, what’s going on?

I may have mentioned, when I spoke with my hemo oncologist he had mentioned that what I need to do is start eating in the morning, something easy, like apple sauce, or a fruit cup, etc.  Something that just gets me started in to eating again, after not having eaten in about four to five weeks, if not six.  So that was my plan.  Through most of vacation, I’d say, I tried ordering food from the different places we went to, with limited success.  I kept trying though, and over vacation I learned that mustard no longer burned my mouth *YAY!* likewise, I found out that I could taste peanut butter *OMG I CAN TASTE SOMETHING!*  Not only could I taste peanut butter, but the taste didn’t disappear after the first bite/mouthful.

Up to this point, in week three, usually what the taste was really just a “hint” of taste, and the hint of taste was located on the sides of my tongue, not the full mouth flavor/taste that you’d normally get, and eve then the second bite usually the taste disappeared.

Towards the end of vacation and moving in to the weekend my taste buds started to improve, I also started eating more via mouth than via my tube.  Then Sunday came along and I ended up eating the entire day via mouth and it was at that point where I decided that that was it, no more tube feeding.  So far my weight has remained about the same, it’s important not to lose weight at this point of treatment/recovery.

I just finished, for lunch, something that I wasn’t able to finish due to lack of taste a month and a half ago, so that’s a good sign too.  I think I’m definitely improving/improved, and probably close to off the charts from where the doctors expect someone to be, I’ll have to see here in a week when I go back in for my next hemo oncologist checkup.

About the only things I can think of that I really need to do is, try to exercise – not really a cancer related item, but I did stop after a bit when treatment started due to fatigue; saliva – still an issue, doesn’t feel like it’s where it was before treatment; taste – it appears to be improving every day, and I just need to keep trying new things as I found out a few days ago when I found out that Ritz crackers taste just like they’ve always tasted!


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