Post week 7

Wow, has it been seven weeks already.  That’s how many days ( 35 )/weeks ( 7 ) I had of radiation.

So, how am I doing?  I’m doing pretty good.  As far as physical things I’m still having issues with lack of saliva creation is a big one.  My taste is pretty much back, I’d say it’s in the 85 to 95 percent range.  Some things still taste weird, but most things are back to the way they were.

I also have this issue with little blisters in my mouth.  Early on, a few weeks ago, they were in the front of my mouth/roof of my mouth, they’d only appear right after eating/swallowing something.  So, I don’t know if the veins are just weak or what.  Anyway, at this point, these are happening farther back in my mouth, around where my uvula is.  They’re only there for a couple of hours then they go away.  It’s been a bit of a persistent issue, but something I can overlook.

I also experience a bit of pain when swallowing food.  It’s not too bad, to the point where I’d need medication to get food down, but still a bit of a pain as it were.  I don’t know if this is from radiation or if it’s still thrush.  I have a doctors appointment next week, I’ll have to ask.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be going fine, I haven’t started exercising yet, but I appear to be healthy.

Some other items, my facial hair is slowly coming back, a week or two ago I’d have had difficulty growing a mustache, now I could do that, plus a soul patch, and maybe a bit of a goatee.  I could have some big ol’ hamhocks if I wanted, but connecting it all together is still a ways away, assuming it even comes back.

Due to saliva issues, I’m still sipping water with food to help with breaking it up/chewing/swallowing, etc.

I have my next PET CT scan set up for September 6th.  I’ll get a CD with it and I’ll be able to see what’s going on in there.

That’s it for now, may write more about this after I have my CT scan, otherwise it’ll probably be back to the same old lame stuff I normally post. 😀


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