Mild mannered account manager by day, sexy mad scientist by night!

Got a new camera over the weekend…went to Ace for a quick part, they didn’t have the part … so I bought the camera to fit the part they did have…stupid I know, but what the hell.

Anyway, I took a couple pics of the day lilies the wife has in the front yard as my first couple of shots with the new camera.

I decided to do something fun with it today. In no way are these meant to be professionally shot…in fact I had everything set to auto, b/c I didn’t want to futz with it, and I was doing this just for some fun. Anyway, my mad scientist came out and my cloning technique that I’ve been perfecting in my laboratory ( Dexteresque – luh-bor-uh-tuh-ree ) has come to fruition!


Felinus Multiplisitus

* No cats were harmed during this production, only annoyed more than normal.

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