Why is the Trump Presidency Such a Rolling Disaster.

Because he won the election under suspicious circumstances?

Because showed up to the White House expecting that he’s basically the new boss inheriting Obama’s staff, and was shocked to find out he needed to provide his own people?

Because he has no interest in actually leading the country, or serving the people, even the ones who voted for him?

Because going into his third month, most of the appointed government positions are still vacant?

Because many of the people he has appointed are put in charge of departments they don’t understand at best, or vehemently opposed them outright at worst.

Because he thinks the Presidency is a 9-5 job and he takes early Fridays and spends every weekend in Florida?

Because he’s still not divested himself from his personal empire?

Because he’s using the Presidency to make sweetheart deals at home and abroad with dictators and unfriendly governments?

Because after lying his way through the election, he decided to keep on lying each and every day in office?

Because he’s had not one, not two, but three senior staff members quit because they worked for the Russians?

Because he’s a petty, vindictive man more interested in bullying people into respecting him than earning it through his actions?

Because he’s insulted and alienated his entire Intelligence Community?

Because he’s insulted and alienated almost the entire national media?

Because he’s alienated our international allies, both political and military?

Because all indications are he was a horrible businessman who coasted to success in his daddy’s pocket?

Because he’s systematically destroying all the economic, ethical and environmental safeguards of our government, and it turns out some people care about those things?

Because his Chief of Staff is an alt-right, neo-Nazi Crusader whose stated goal is to collapse the US government?

Because there’s a dossier composed by a respected intelligence officer from our closest ally on the planet which not only indicates that Trump is subject to blackmail, but may in fact be actively colluding with Russia in a bi-directional partnership to make a very small group of people very, very rich? And that with each passing week, more and more of the dossier turns out to be true?

Seems like any one of the above would be a potential cause of a train wreck. Trump just made it easy on everybody by doing them all so we wouldn’t have to choose.

What a guy!

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