Marketing Fail

So, based off of my extensive viewing of Mad Men, I know that marketing is supposed to put the idea in your head that what you’re being shown is supposed to spark something in you, such that you sort of subconsciously try to choose that item over other items.

However, there are times where this completely fails.

For instance, right now I have that stupid Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline stuck in my head, because of that one commercial. Except, I have completely forgotten what that commercial was about. I’ve been watching “live” TV, as compared to DVRd or downloaded TV with no commercials ( but plenty of product placement, looking at your german beer in DD’s fridge in The Defenders, still won’t buy you, but whatever ), and this commercial has been peppered on the TV ( OMG ITS ON RIGHT NOW!!!! ) constantly.

The fail is that I couldn’t, for the life of me remember what the product was for. Since the wife has been sitting right next to me as well, I asked her, and all I could say was I think it’s insurance? Had to look it up on-line to find out it was for a car company.

Anyway, in my mind, that’s a complete fail, and you need to re-work how you do your commercials, b/c while the song is memorable – Hello, Neil Diamond … your commercial was not.

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