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Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Holy shit, two in a row, I must have a fever!  Ok, not really.

I use mac-minis for my “home theaters”.  I have one in the living room, and one in the basement “play room”.  I use to, long time ago, use a hacked Xbox.  I ran XBMC on it, then HD became more prevalent and the Xbox couldn’t handle it, so I purchased my first mac mini.  I also started using NFS to mount external drives to the mac as my media drives to watch TVs/movies, etc.

Well, on reboot, unless you have it set up to auto mount the NFS drives, you have to manually mount them every time either the NFS server goes off line, the mac mini goes off line, etc.

The old way you use to auto mount NFS drives is via Disk Utility.  You’d put in your mount information and every time the box rebooted the NFS shares would re-mount for you, and then you’d also have your XBMC ( now Kodi ) auto start as well, and basically when you changed your TV Input to there, you have your XBMC screen and you can get right in to watching your show.

Around 10.8 or so of OS X ( OS Ten, not X by the way ) they removed the option for NFS auto mounting via Disk Utility.  Now, while OS X is built off of a *nix variant, you do have things such as /etc/auto_home, /etc/autofs, /etc/fstab, I really didn’t want to mess with them and potentially cause issues.  Plus the /Volumes directory is the automatic mounted directory, it’s what I already had my mount points set to in XBMC/Kodi, and while trivial to change, let’s be real, I’m super lazy.

So, I went with what most procrastinators do, I only dealt with it when it popped it’s head up.  Meaning I go in to XBMC/Kodi and I see that the volume isn’t mounted.  I’d pop open Remote Desktop, hit cmd-space, select Finder, hit cmd-k and go through a quick return, cmd-k, down arrow, quick return, then a cmd-tab to get back in to XBMC/Kodi…and I did this for a couple of years, because it’s just too much of an issue to figure out NFS for mac.


What’s better, RAID 1+0 or RAID 0+1?

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Because I’m a geek, I’m basically reposting what I’ve found on another site. Some RAID designs call this RAID 10, instead of RAID 1+0, I’m not quite sure why, as they don’t call RAID 0+1 -> RAID 01. For those that are unfamiliar with RAID, it stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks ( now let me check to see if my memory is correct ) Woo, I remembered it, however the I can also mean inexpensive.

One site that I’ve always gone to to figure out what type of RAID to use is Advanced Computer & Network Corporation [ ACNC ]. I first found their site many many months ago, and it always comes in handy. Here is an example of what RAID 0 is. It’s basically where each disk receives a piece of your data. A really watered down version of it is to think that if you have a 1MB file, 500k goes to one disk, 500k goes to another disk, in a two disk RAID 0 config. If you had a 10 disk RAID 0, then 100k would be written to each disk. This means that your overall speed and performance is greatly increased. The big downside to this is that if you lose one disk, then all of your data is gone.

Well, how do you save your data? You can use RAID 1, which is where you mirror each disk. You get the same write performance, meaning the whole amount of data is written to each disk seperately, but it’s not broken down in to chunks like above. However, you do read the data at twice the rate. Also, if you lose a disk, it’s ok, because you have the other disk as backup.

All RAID 0+1 and RAID 10 ( henceforth RAID 1+0 ) are a combination of the two RAIDs put together, it’s only the implementation that has changed.

Double ARGH!!!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

As some may or may not remember, a few weeks ago my regular Linux box crapped out on me. I rebuilt it and eventually initiated a backup solution in case it were to happen again. Well that happening was last night. While upgrading the kernel I rebooted the box. The box dropped out of GUI mode to the console where there was a scrolling list of Journal messages, which means hard drive problems…yet again. So, I’m convinced I have a bad hard drive in the thing. I’m back up on my dual 933 box, which is where I’ll probably leave this monstrosity for right now until I actually feel like dealing with two computer problems.

*yawn* computers suck.


Monday, August 23rd, 2004

So, I bought a new video card the other day. Partially because it felt like it was about time, mostly due to trying to play Doom3, mostly because I wanted to buy something for my birthday. Plus, there were times when I’d turn on my computer, or shift resolution, and there were weird artifacts left on the screen, not quite like when a vid card goes bad, but strange none-the-less.

So, I got the brand-spankin new ATI 800XT Platinum. I go to pull my old vid card out, and it starts to come out, but doesn’t come out all the way … the problem? There’s a little tab that you shift back and forth to help lock the card in, I guess the screw you use to fasten it to the chasis of the box isn’t good enough. Anyway, I yanked, and while I didn’t hear anything crack, I figure that’s what f’d it up.

When I plopped the new card in and turned on my box, no monitor recognition light thingy turned green, it stayed orange, meaning there was no signal going to the monitor. Shit. So, I tried putting the old card back in, just in case the new card required too much juice. Much like George W. Bush, it was a No Go. Still no monitor signal recognition.

God Damnit! Computers Suck!

Thursday, November 14th, 2002

So, I have this brand new computer. Easily installed, for the most part, then Operation Franchise happened, and the install continued after a successful completion of said operation. The CPU fan was a marvel to put in, truely one of the easiest things I’ve ever done with installing hardware. I connect some new rounded IDE cables to all of my drives, two harddrives, one DVD ROM drive, one CD-RW drive. I boot up, of course it says there is a problem with windows, I went from an AMD to a P4…this I expected. I whipped out the XP CD, put it in, repaired what was needed, and had my box in working order.

I also purchased Battlefield 1942, a nifty-neato team based World War II FPS. While playing BF, I’d get about twenty minutes in to the game, then it would suddenly freeze…not only would it freeze, but it would freeze hard, requiring a hard reboot. Yes, this is XP I’m using, not Winblows 98…much like in Linux when my MP3 player would hard freeze my comp, neither should this. However, in the world of technology, hardware is king, and a kernel is but a pauper aspiring to be more. I should have known that the problem wasn’t software, but my immediate thought, since it was windows, was to totally reload XP, fresh. It was the only way to make sure that there were no artifacts from the previous install with a different processor from popping up and biting me.

I’ve mentioned it before, I hate computers.

Monday, March 4th, 2002

This weeks Poll is brought to you by my hate of computers. For those that couldn’t tell, the image to the right, of me ( upper left corner ), is much sharper, minus all the nice little blue, green, and red dots. That’s because I went out and bought a new camera. You see, the older camera I had ( ezonics II ), I sorta would flash a red laser in to the eyelet and then take pictures with it to get these really nifty effects. Only problem is, the photo cells in there are rather sensitive.

So! I went out, bought a new IBM Net PC camera. I purchased this one over the regular one, due to this one being able to take a picture at 640×480. And the price difference between this one and the one lower was only a couple of dollars, compared to nearly twice the price to go to the next higher one.

Transparent Conrcrete and how we think.

Monday, January 28th, 2002

So, Superman is flying over Metropolis one day, and he sees Wonder Woman nekkid on top of the Justice League … well the punchline goes … And then the Invisible Man says “Boy my ass sure does hurt though!”

It’s really amazing how the mind works. I look at an article on Slashdot and it says something about translucent concrete. Not something one would normally think about.

Here Ginger…come here girl!!

Monday, December 3rd, 2001

Something I’ve read about off and on over the past few months, it seems like the inventor o a wheelchair that goes up and down stairs as well as a plastic kidney dialisis machine, Dean Karmen, has invented something just as ground breaking.

What is it you ask? It’s a scooter…but it’s much much more than just a scooter. To bad that this scooter is so far out of my price range and about 99.9% of everyone elses price range that it won’t ever catch on.